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Hard to find Military Parts
Hard to find Military Parts
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Carry Cases Carry Cases
Carry and Storage Cases for Pistols with or without Wood stocks. German c96 Broomhandle with stock, P08 Artillery with stock, P08, 1911 colt, P38 and many others.
German Replicas German Replicas
Famous German replicas such as the P38, P08, C96, Panzerfaust, Potato Mashers and the Schnellfeuer, also the Browing Hi Power Wood Stock!
Part Sets Part Sets
MP40, MG42, MG34, PPSH41, MIA1 Thompson, British Sterling Part Sets.
Unique Canes Unique Canes
Unique and Rare Canes of all different types, styles, and fashions! Store your cane collection in our hand crafted Cane Stands.
Unique Armory Unique Armory
Your source of classic Historic Reproductions. WWII, Civil War, Medeival, Western, Colonial and more!
Unique Nautical Unique Nautical
We carry astrolabes, sundials, compasses, keychains, and much more.
MP40 Blowbacks, PFC, 7mm Caps MP40 Blowbacks, PFC, 7mm Caps
This is the Mp40 Blowback with 10 Pfc and 100 Caps. PFC'S and 7MM CAPS for sale ammo.
Blank Fire Prop Guns Blank Fire Prop Guns
We offer Military and Western full-size machined metal, blank-firing Pistols and Rifles.
Starwars Blasters Starwars Blasters
From Han Solo, Luke, and the Stormtroopers, get these famous replica blasters here.
Man from Uncle Man from Uncle
This is the unique Man from UNCLE style P38 Blank-firing Prop Gun.
Napiers Bones Napiers Bones
Get a replica of this famous 16th century mathematical calculator.
Dark Shadows Dark Shadows
We carry the Dark Shadows Barnabas Collins style alpacca wolf cane and the DS Ring in box.!
Brass WolfMan Cane Brass WolfMan Cane
Solid Brass Wolf Man Cane, now in regular and FULL size!
Chrome WolfMan Cane Chrome WolfMan Cane
Silver Chrome Plated Wolf Man Cane, now in regular and FULL size!

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